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  • Please follow both STEP1 and STEP2 processes as outlined below.

  • Registration fee

    • Period  : 24.05.12(Sun)~17(Fri)

  • Early Bird registration : From 6th March to 12th April (UTC+9)

  • Regular registration : After 12th April (UTC+9)

  • Cancellation: If cancellation is notified by May 10, 2024, a refund will be made of the amount paid minus a 12% cancellation fee. After that, no refund will be given.

  • *Social Event : 14th May, 18:00 (UTC+9), Nearby COEX, Dinner with drink

  • STEP 1 : Select Registration Method (A/B) 

A. Online Registration Method (PayPal, Bank account, On-site payments)

Please fill out the form in order and follow the payment process.

Note: This registration supports PayPal and Manual payments (bank account / on-site payments).

Note: On-site payments can be made by selecting a payment method on the form or by sending an email.

Pricing for on-site payment is determined by the submission date of the registration form, applying distinct rates for the pre-registration and formal registration periods.

B. Document Form Submission Method (On-site payments, Bank account)

Please complete fully and return the form to KSTEP.
- Supported for on-site payment: Visa, Master, JCB, UnionPay
- Not supported: AMEX

Note : This registration is for manual payments(bank account) or on-site payments.
​if you wish to pay by credit card or any other method, please contact Chiho Noh(

Download Form : documents.doc

for more information and submitting the form
please contact Chiho Noh(e-mail:

  • STEP 2 : Meeting Management Tool

  It is mandatory for all attending delegates to be registered using the ISO me
eting management platform at the following link:

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