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Are you preparing to visit Korea?

Select the nationality of your passport below for more information.(The passport expiration date must be more than 6 months from date of departure.)

1. Check for visa requirement based on the nationality of your passport

2. If a visa is required, you must apply for a visa based on the purpose of your visit

3. Entrants with a visa waiver must apply for K-ETA and receive approval 72 hours prior to departure

Visitors passport from most of country do not need a visa and can enter Korea by registering for K-ETA (electronic travel authorization).

you can check visa requirements more detail by select your country/region.

Link : Visa and Entry Requirements

From April 1, 2023 until December 31, 2024, 22 countries/regions are temporarily exempted from K-ETA application. However, if you wish to benefit from K-ETA application, such as skipping the entry form, you can apply for K-ETA and the fee will be charged. Countries and regions eligible for exemption: Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Taiwan, Denmark, Germany, Macau, USA (including Guam), Belgium, Sweden, Spain, Singapore, UK, Austria, Italy, Japan, Canada, Poland, France, Finland, Australia, Hong Kong

STEP1 Register for K-ETA

  • K-ETA has been in place since September 1, 2021, and allows visa-free entry. Without K-ETA, travelers cannot board planes or ships heading to Korea.

  • * Be aware of fake agency sites with similar names to the official Korean government site charging high fees. Always make sure to use the official website.

  • K-ETA Website

STEP2 Enter information on Q-CODE

  • If you enter your information on Q-CODE prior to boarding, you can scan the QR code upon arrival at the quarantine checkpoint.


Quarantine Checkpoint Procedure

  1. 1) Entry by airport

    •  (Q-CODE user) Show the QR code to scan and check entrant information

    •  (Q-CODE non-user) Follow provided instructions to enter health status information on Q-CODE and show QR code to scan and check entrant information

    •  Q-CODE requirements: Valid passport, valid e-mail address, valid flight ticket, health status information, entry and stay information

  2. 2) Entry by port

    •  After boarding, fill out the health status questionnaire, and receive quarantine documents after checking the entrant is asymptomatic


All individuals entering Korea from quarantine inspection required areas are required to go through a special immigration process to prevent the spread of contagious disease. Immigration safety measures are subject to frequent changes, and therefore travelers are advised to check for updates from the Korea Disease Control Agency (KDCA).

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